• 100% pure product! I've never tasted a richer and better taste of coffee. If you're a fan of coffee, you gotta try it out! You won't be disappointed.
    Amazon Customer The taste of coffee is incredible
  • Very smooth dark roast coffee. I love a deep rich smooth coffee, and this definitely fits all of those criteria. It is very smooth and has a well balanced taste, not at all bitter. I make my coffee very strong and I have found I use less of this coffee, one I think because of the fine grind and 2 the flavor is so rich I do not need to use as much to get that deep strong cup of coffee. I am very pleased with this product and definitely recommend it if you love a strong smooth cup of coffee. Perfect for the giving season as the package even has a to and from tag. I would love to get this in my stocking this year(hint hint Santa) !!!!
    tiedye One Of The Happy Customer
  • I'm a huge coffee fan. Read: addicted. I love coffee and will drink copious amounts of it ALL the time. I'm a writer and it comes with the territory. So, when I came across this coffee, I was excited to give it a try. It's got a nice, smooth flavor that has a bit of a brightness to it that I enjoy. It's already ground which was helpful for me and is a nice, medium dark roast. I prefer my coffee to be on the darker side so this was good for me. I would say if you're looking for a nice, smooth coffee with a full bodied flavor, then you should give this coffee a try!
    Emilie Hendryx One Of The Happy Customer
  • I consider myself a coffee connoisseur and when I opened the bag of Pure Koffi, the smell was out of this world. When I brewed my first coffee cup, the thing that came to mind; mind-blowing! This flavor is exactly what I expect of each roast but normally I’m disappointed. Not this time. Thank you for doing this brew so perfectly. I am now a loyal consumer of Pure Koffi.
    Kofelvr One Of The Happy Customer
  • I got this as a gift and let me tell you, this is how pure coffee should taste, so the name is so fitting! Loved it from the smell when it was brewing and once I tasted it, it felt as I was having it fresh in Colombia. Such a smooth flavor, I would definitely recommend! I also love that it has a date of when it was roasted! Thank you for this amazing product
    Amazon Customer Walking On Sunshine